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14 years development experience at global projects
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About BJIT Academy

BJIT Academy provides professional IT training to build global standard engineer. We have rich experience to provide IT training on Java, Android, iOS, Enterprise Java for Web Application internationally for engineers of global company since Feb 2012. Our clients are NTT Data MSE Japan, NTT Data Myanmar, Atom System Inc, Japan and more.

Curriculum made by BJIT engineers with 14 years practical experience at global projects. Our curriculum is designed not only to teach programming or frameworks but also development methodology, tools, design, testing and debug, Usability, UI and documentation. We also train up non-technical aspect as working attitude, team work, planning, communication, problem solving, stress management and more.

We provide personal feedback to each trainee on her performance improvement and counseling for the career.

There is opportunity for On Job Training and job at BJIT group and global company.

Client Testimonials

Zin Myo Oo
Software Engineer, NTT Data Myanmar

After finishing university,I want to become a professional android developer. Before this class, I attended some classes. I had basic knowledge of android. Then, I become to attend android training in Bangladesh (BJIT). So, I was so happy at that time. Our training time was taken 2 weeks. The training course is very nice and my teacher(...) has many experience in android and good teaching. So, I got many knowledge from him. During this class, He solved our some android errors patiently because some students havn't known about android. After this training, all students had become to professional in android and they applied it in work now. Thank you for my teacher and I always remember your good teaching and i always applied it in IT field.

May Phyo Maung
Junior System Developer, NTT Data Myanmar

First of all, I would like to say thank you for arranging... training class. His (my teacher) qualified lecture and his skillfull teaching techniques made us improve our Java programming skill. Besides, he taught us to approach the errors of the projects. He also encouraged us to try our best to be a successful programmer. Moreover, he explained the Java lessons by using real world examples to make the explanations clear. Some of my favourite lessons from his lectures are Generics and collections, Mock, Servlet, JSP and JDBC. The knowledge of Java before I attended his class and after was rocketed. I appreciate you in advance for giving us this wonderful opportunity to learn Java programming , theories and OOP concept, as well.

Saw Yin Wai Mon
Software Engineer, NTT Data Myanmar

I attened 2 months Java OOP and Web programming training.Before attending this training,I have only basic knowledge in Java and Java is difficult for me .I never attend any training Before.This training is my frist Java OOP and Web Programming Training.Before this training,I don't know about Java Web programming and I was afraid for writing Java Web Projects.But after attending it,I got a lot of knowledge about OOP and I knew that OOP is the fundamental of Java Programming.Moreover,I knew that how to write Java files according to Java Naming Standard.For Web application,I am absolutely naive and I think JSP,Struts and Spring are so difficult to learn.But when I followed trainer's instructions and made a lot of web programming exercises and two web projects,I became interested in web programming more and more.Now web programming is very easy for me.Now I can write well not only training web project but also real world web projects.I followed trainer's instructions to find errors in short duration time.So now I can find errors easily in short duration time.I believe that I am lucky person because I got chance to attend Bjit's java OOP and Web programming training.