BJIT Academy

Development Process

We practice Agile SCRUM software development process

We use Scrum based software development process. We can also adapt to client processes and tools when required. Products are developed in incremental way in order to maintain flexibility for changing requirements and to provide best possible visibility to project status.

Development is broken down to fixed length 'Sprints', which are typically two weeks in duration. Client is provided with a release at the end of each sprint for verification and feedback

We use state of the art tools to manage quality and project tasks

BJIT uses state of the art open source based project management tools. All the selected tools have web based user interface and provide security at project level so that information security can be guaranteed.

Redmine is used for Task and Bug management, RTH is used for test case management, Alfresco is used for Document Management, GIT is used for source code management and Gerrit is used for code review in our projects.

We practice strict quality policy to ensure high quality of our products

  • Coding Convention. we practice proper coding conventions for Java and other languages
  • Quality Matrix. Test density and bug density are measured before approving the release
  • Configuration Management. We use Git Repository for Source Management Review & verify code with Gerrit. All releases are tagged. Build and verification are automated.
  • Unit Test. Test Driven Development (TDD) is used. JUnit is used for Java based development.
  • Project Audit. QA team audits each project on defined areas in weekly basis.

Secured work environment. Passed audit by global reputed companies.

Physical Security

  • 3 level access control: General, R&D and Clean
  • Room. Biometric authentication with 90days
  • Log to access. Guard on duty – 24/7.

Data Security

  • For each project access permission is controlled and defined.
  • Mandatory data is backed-up and stored at different locations.
  • USB connection is disabled by default. BIOS is protected by password, Hard drive is encrypted.
  • PC can obtain pre install set of software. Regular basis PC audit is mandatory.

Internet Security

  • ISPs are connected with two different IIGs each of its capacity 4GBPS.
  • BJIT is connected with two different ISPs with two different optical fibers.
  • CISCO hardware firewall dedicatedly installed.