BJIT Academy

Skill Gap


Proper coding style, conventions and techniques are vital for writing simple, clear and easy to understand code. Lacking these skills often produce code containing smell, duplicates and complexity.


Partial knowledge on development frameworks may cause less efficient and buggy code. Developers should have broad knowledge of the framework to utilize the full strength of it in their software.

Usability and UI Design

Usability and good UI is very essential for the success of the project. Most platforms have their own usability and UI conventions that developers should understand well and apply properly in their software.


Proper test coverage, good test cases, and test automation are integral part of any global projects. Lacking these skill can increase the project quality risk.


Documentation skill is important to communicate requirements, design, coding and testing artifacts in the team. Lack of documentation often kill valuable time, impact quality, and increase the cost of the project.

Methodology & Tools

To manage project complexity, most global projects uses standard methodology and tool sets. Without using these practices, any non trivial project may soon be unmanageable. Developers should have skills to practice these methodology and tools during development.